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" I've been listening to her CDs and liking 'em a lot. They give me those half awake nightmares.This is really good stuff! Damnation."

- " I really love her music. It's great, musically and vocally.A bit of Joy Division smashed into Lydia Lunch, but it isn't a rip-off of either. Nice videos, too. It's all great, but " Noisi(h)er Silence" is honestly phenomenal. I'm impressed and even more honored by the fact that she likes my music. "

- " The instrumental tracks and her voice are unusual and special.If she used a real drummer everything would be perfect."

- " Madame B composes pieces which are so flavourful as the original New York No Wave's productions.If the good fairy bend little over the cradle, she has everything to become the French Lydia Lunch"

- " Her stuff is crazyyyy! "

- " Twisted thoughts and angry incantations over wonderful mechanical clattering and surreal washes of sonic gloom. Moody introspection and brooding sensuality. Deeply personal music from a true artist."

- " On a minimalist music, Madame B proclaims her cries of pain or hope to create an obsessing haunting atmosphere, which takes us far, in a dark and melancholic world. A different sound which is worth it. "


MORE HERE : http://www.youtube.com/user/MadameBarree

vendredi 11 juin 2010


Sweet crazyness
Sexy madness
Dirt in chains
Hands to take
Tears to fake
Heart to replace

I'm crazy crazy crazy
I am meant to be
Crazy crazy crazy
I am you bet indeed

Something is going gore
Something is coming more

My entrails
My organs
My feet
My brain
My head is hopeless

Something more is going gore
Something gore is coming more

Crazy crazy crazy
I am mean to be
I am.

(photo by Tias)

THIS WALL WILL FALL (listen here)

This wall will fall
your dirty hands
no one would care
your dirty fake
no one could take
no one is blind
you're out of line

This wall will fall
he's gonna falling now
can you hear
he's gonna falling now
can you see
baby why can't you see?

mercredi 9 juin 2010

Polaroids forever

They said you will die, but you are still here and even got babies!
Some more are coming...

dimanche 6 juin 2010

Dotwork Master - Xed LeHead - Site here

Xed LeHead is the master of dotwork tattoo, and he is the most passionate guy I've ever met!He is one of my close friend so I know what I'm talking about.
Xed is the father of the Dotwork Tattoo family.
Enjoy his work! : )

Find him here: DIVINE CANVAS : http://divine-canvas.com/

samedi 5 juin 2010


Those Poor Bastards play miserable and primitive old-time gothic country music. Lonesome Wyatt (guitar, vocals) and The Minister (banjo, bass, etc) are both legally certified holiness preachers. If you're looking for slick, overproduced, commercial songs, you'd better cover your delicate little ears. Those Poor Bastards play it raw and they play it mean. Be a pal and support independent anti corporate country music.

Pre-Order New Album "Gospel Haunted" now!

" Hey Awful Pals,
We have a new album coming out on June 15 called "Gospel Haunted," on limited edition clear vinyl and CD.
To make things worse, there will also be a hand numbered 7" called "Gospel Outtakes."
You can pre-order and listen to clips from both of them at
I'm very sorry for this terrible news.
Your Miserable Friends,"
Those Poor Bastards

Membres :Lonesome Wyatt & The Minister
Genre :Country Doom
Maison de disques :Tribulation Recording Company.
Site web :http://www.thosepoorbastards.com

Influences :
Louvin Brothers, Carter Family, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Hank III, Einstürzende Neubauten, Misfits, The Birthday Party, Nick Cave, Black Flag, Blind Willie Johnson, Tom Waits, Christian Death (Rozz Williams)

"Those Poor Bastards Are the best Gothic Country I have heard yet to this day. The depressing gloomy vocals coming out of this drifter named Lonesome Wyatt has hints of Marilyn Manson to Nick Cave, Throwrag and maybe even a hint of a demented Adam Ant with a shot of a Pilled Up Johnny Cash... And the Minister is backing up Lonesome Wyatt with a style that is a cross between erie strung out folk music with a creepy blend of The Nightmare Before Christmas!!!!!!!!!"

-Hank Williams III

vendredi 4 juin 2010

Circle of crows (listen here)

No redemption
Kill the temptation
Don't turn into obessesion
Cause it's time to purification

You're loosing your time
You're loosing your strength

Try to focus you're out of the line
Try to focus you're far from the line

So what did you think you were doing?
So do you really think i was not thinking?
I can see clearer now.

jeudi 3 juin 2010


Rhys Chatham (New York, 19 septembre 1952 - ) est un compositeur, guitariste et trompettiste américain, dont les domaines d'expérimentation se rapprochent de la musique minimaliste et de l'avant-garde. Il est connu en particulier pour ses "orchestres pour guitares", où il dirige plusieurs dizaines voire centaines de guitaristes. Il habite en France depuis 1987.

Rhys Chatham débuta sa carrière musicale comme accordeur de piano et de clavecin pour deux pionniers de l'avant-garde musicale : La Monte Young et Glenn Gould. Il étudia ensuite avec deux figures du minimalisme à l'époque: Morton Subotnick et Tony Conrad, avec qui il forma un groupe. En 1971 alors qu'il n'avait que 19 ans, Chatham fonda et dirigea pendant un temps le programme musical de The Kitchen à Manhattan. Ses premières compositions comme Two Gongs (1971) s'inspiraient largement du travail de Young et d'autres minimalistes. Mais rapidement, ses oeuvres gagnèrent en importance et en amplitude.

Un certain nombre d'artistes comme Maryanne Amacher, Robert Ashley, Philip Glass, Meredith Monk, Pauline Oliveros et Steve Reich participèrent à ses performances et expériences scéniques, de même que des musiciens de rock alternatif comme Brian Eno, Robert Fripp, John Lurie et Fred Frith. Dans les années 1980, Rhys Chatham travailla beaucoup avec les plasticiens Robert Longo et Joseph Nechvatal.

A partir de 1977, après avoir assisté à l'un des premiers concerts des Ramones, Chatham et sa musique furent sérieusement influencés par le mouvement punk rock. Il prit part à l'émergence d'un nouveau courant musical baptisé plus tard No Wave et qui fut influencé par le minimalisme de Tony Conrad. C'est cette année que Chatham commença à jouer Guitar Trio à Manhattan avec Glenn Branca et Nina Canal (du groupe Ut). Pendant cette période il composa plusieurs oeuvres pour de grandes formations de guitares, et notamment Drastic Classicism pour lequel il collabora avec la danseuse Karole Armitage. Les membres d'un groupe de la scène noise rock new-yorkaise, Band of Susans, commencèrent leur carrière dans les formations de Rhys Chatham. Plus tard, en 1991, ils reprirent Guitar Trio sur leur album The Word and the Flesh. De la même manière, certains membres de Sonic Youth, groupe noise rock new-yorkais, débutèrent dans les formations de Glenn Branca aussi bien que de Chatham.

Chatham commença l'étude de la trompette en 1983. Ses travaux plus récents explorent l'improvisation en trompette soliste. C'est lui-même qui joue, en utilisant des effets qu'il a déjà travaillés pour l'amplification de la guitare, sur des rythmes de techno et de drum 'n' bass synthétisés par le compositeur anglais Martin Wheeler. Ces explorations qui datent des années 1990 sont sorties sur la compilation Neon du label Ninja Tune.

The official "Guitar Trio Is My Life" USA 2007 tour site :